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OnPoint Custom Steeldarts tips

A new brand from Germany that we have added to the store, which has set itself the task of offering optimum grip at the best price/performance ratio

The custom tips are available in three different versions:



- This starter set contains one set of each of the three variants (3 sets/9 tips)

- Total length selectable

30/32/ 34/36/38/40mm

- Test set Total length of all sets the same

- Regular replacement recommended Grip & surface can change over time

- Diameter approx. 2.25-2.35 / press-fit piece approx. 5-8mm

- Tolerance +/-0.2mm


Moon variant

These tips have an abstract finger grip at the back with a really impressive look.

In the front part you will find the reliable Venus Grip 


Venus variant

These tips have a special lengthwise cut which allows your darts to be held securely in the board without you having problems pulling them out of tight groups.

The grip is also very comfortable for anyone who rests a finger on the tip


Variant Uranus

The Uranus tips have a smoother but structured surface.

The structure of these tips is designed in such a way that darts that are stuck in the board at an angle or are played at an angle stick more securely and are less likely to fall out is the video from last week

OnPoint Custom Steeldart Tips Test Set Venus/Moon/Uranus

€29.97 Regular Price
€24.97Sale Price
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